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Red Eye Blend

Red Eye Blend

Tasting notes: Roasted Peanut and Dark Chocolate

Ideal for: Espresso macchiatos and all-nighters

Red Eye (noun) - An overnight or late-night flight on a commercial airline. When you find yourself needing a little extra boost, our dark roast inspired Red Eye blend is the perfect choice!

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About this blend

This blend was created to be our house espresso at our café in Dallas, TX. For this choice, we start by sourcing high-quality Brazilian green beans as we believe Brazilian coffee highlights the characteristics we want in our everyday espresso: chocolate, nut, and a low acidity/clean finish that tastes just as good on its own as it does in milk-based beverages. Sometimes we will add other Central or South American beans to the blend, but generally we avoid African selections as we don’t want our house espresso to present as fruit-forward (that’s what single origin espressos are for!).

Like all Window Seat Coffee blends, the combination of beans may change over time. While we can’t guarantee which coffee will be included in this blend, know it will always contain carefully-sourced and -roasted specialty coffee. In fact, at times this “blend” has even been a single origin!

We’ve nicknamed our blends the “Everyday Series” because our goal is to create approachable coffees that someone can enjoy any day of the week. Though we created this blend for our house espresso, we also thinks it shines as a pour-over or as a cold-brewed iced coffee!


Why Window Seat Coffee? 

All coffee is specialty grade and roasted on a Probat with top-of-the-line software to ensure each and every roast is consistent and in line with our standards.

Whether on a quick coffee run, away with the family at the lake, or on an epic trip around the world, we have all experienced the energizing feeling of getting away from it all. Read more about our story here.