Taking Coffee to New Heights:

Our Journey from Ground to Cup!

It may come as a surprise, but the idea for Window Seat Coffee was born in the cubicles of corporate America. It was during this time in our life that we dreamed of a fresh start and a new adventure. One day, while out on our daily coffee run, it hit us: getting out of the office and taking even a small break was the positive moment we needed to feel refreshed the rest of the day. We wanted to make that simple, yet relatable, feeling the spirit of our new business.

Our goal here is to provide you the best roasted coffee, all while trying to give you a bit of a break from the stresses of daily life. We hope with each cup, you can take a moment to enjoy the view out your window, whether it's from your kitchen table or relaxing on a tranquil beach! 

What makes our coffee special? Glad you asked! Our Roasting Philosophy is simple: to highlight natural flavor and sweetness present in each of our green coffee selections. In practice, we use a profile-based roasting methodology, meaning we utilize different parameters depending on each green bean’s unique characteristics. We believe our process allows for full development, eliminates unpleasant acidity, and keeps the beans from becoming over-roasted. 

Sound intriguing? Well, then give it a try for yourself today!

Happy Travels!

-Tom & Kristen

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